The Various Types of Compensations in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Prior to wrongful death lawsuits, there was no way for a person that contributed to the death of another person to be tried in a civil court. The agony and anguish suffered by the family members and loved ones was simply not addressed. Wrongful death lawsuits now allow for prosecution by relatives and loved ones. and wrongful death lawsuit


The types of damages suffered by families and loved ones of individuals who were killed by another person’s negligence can be quite extensive. Wrongful death lawsuits allow for compensation for a number of these damages to be pursued in a civil trail. The types of damages family members or loved ones can seek compensation for vary from state to state, but may include:


  • Any expenses related to the care, treatment and hospitalization of the deceased individual.
  • Sorrow, mental anguish, and loss of companionship experienced by spouses or partners
  • The loss of income that would have been earned by the person who died
  • The loss of services, protection, care and/or assistance that the deceased individual may have provided to survivors and beneficiaries
  • Loss of future earnings that would have been made by the victim up until the time of retirement
  • Loss of medical benefits, pensions, and 401 K that resulted from the death of the victim
  • Loss of inheritance that may have been caused by the untimely death of the victim
  • General damages
  • Compensation for possible property damage caused by the accident which lead to the death of the victim
  • Pain and suffering of loved ones and family members
  • Funeral expenses within a reasonable range

The pain caused by the death of a loved one can never be erased, but a successful lawsuit can help with many of the damages incurred.