Economic And Financial Storms Call For Men Who Will Pray And Intercede Asking For Mercy And Help!

Economic and financial difficulties are facing millions of people across Europe and America in these present days, and that is not taking into consideration the further millions of men and women who are suffering because of disaster, drought, earthquake and terrorism.

This serious scenario made me turn to Almighty God in a new way and study that passage in Matthew Chapter 14 where Jesus Christ is praying on the hillside and His chosen and called Ekonomi disciples are in the middle of a storm on the waters of Galilee.

Have sailed across the Sea of Galilee and having witnessed a raging storm just hours after we had been swimming in the pleasant calm waters, it is not difficult to envisage the danger these fishermen were in!

The whole of the work of God was almost wiped out in the little boat on the stormy lake but Jesus saw the plight of these men and He went to them walking over all their troubles!

The time when the silver is just right, is when He comes out to your boat and to your critical circumstances. Malachi Chapter portrays God as a silversmith refining silver to have it just perfect.

These men have been in the storm for quite a while. Was Jesus apathetic? No. Was he ignorant? Absolutely not! He saw everything. He knew where they where. He saw their fears. He heard their cries. But He didn’t come until the hour was the darkest.

That can be a very challenging lesson to learn, but we need to remember it over these next months. The situation is going to become darker and the issues are going to increase.

Jesus comes to us in a victorious way to deal with our greatest fears.

Jesus came walking on the water. He comes walking on the very thing that frightened the disciples. Do you see it? What are they worried about? They are worried about the waves.

That boat is being tossed back and forth. Read the story of what actually happened in Matthew Chapter 14. God always blesses and rewards those who read and study and pay attention to His Holy Word.

These disciples are afraid they are going to drown. They are afraid that little boat is going to capsize. They are looking at those high waves coming over the sides of that boat. They are bailing water as fast as they can. These men are fishermen. They have been on the water all their life.

The waves are coming and all of a sudden, on the very thing that causes them fear, those high waves, Jesus comes walking.

In His quiet, majestic confident way, as He is walking on the water, Jesus is teaching His men that the thing that is the greatest storm in their life, He keeps under His feet.”

Turn please to the book of the prophet Isaiah and to Chapter 43. “But now, this is what the Lord who created you, O Israel, says. Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine. When you go through the waters, I will be with you.”

When you go through the rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up, and the flames will not consume you. Why? For I am the Lord, your God.'”

We need to remember that over these next weeks and months. There will be people who will go through and endure tremendous problems and challenges. We who are in Christ need to be there to minister and come alongside and reach out a helping hand.

Before this storm comes in all its fury, take time to prepare and be ready yourself. Sort out your own finances. Be steeped in the Word of God. Know what God has said.

Pray for those in positions of leadership particularly in Downing Street, London, and in The White House in Washington, D.C.

If those leaders would only bow before Almighty God, and humbly but courageously ask for help so many of the difficulties might never happen. Our God is a God of miracles. Our risen and living Lord Jesus Christ can come to us in our storms no matter what they might be.