Best Beaches in Mallorca

If you want an island rich in almost everything: with superb beaches, breath taking views of sunrise and sun sets aside from its uniqueness, Mallorca is just the right place for you. You may have heard of Mallorca but have never been to that’s why if you want a quiet, breath taking and peaceful place, claim to see and experience the best beaches in Mallorca that will just suit you the best.

As the biggest Balearic Island just off Spain, Mallorca will never let you run out of things to do with its terrific beaches to boost. You won’t be having second thoughts on things typical of beaches once you get an overview of the best beaches in Mallorca. So to give you the particulars of the best beaches in Mallorca, read the following¬† and decide whether they will be your destination or not. You can visit to know more about nude beaches in the usa and enjoy your party over there.

Es Caragol Beach
Also known as Platja des Caragol, Es Caragol Beach offers you a very peaceful and stunning view over its turquoise sea. Expanding wide as 60 meters and 500 meters long, Es Caragol’s white sand is fine and light with sparse vegetation. The beach is ideal for children because of the shore’s shallow crystal clear water making it child friendly. Still, Es Caragol requires a 30 minute walk being the southernmost beach in Mallorca for you to experience these good things.

Es Coll Baix
If you are a nature lover and you don’t mind walking a few kilometers through surrounding thick pine trees, you’ll be glad to know that a place exist just for you. Es Coll Baix, a beach in Mallorca is considered to be one of its most unique beaches and a true paradise gift especially for those who appreciate the beauty of nature. Completely unspoiled, the beach stretches 250 meters longs and opens wide as 75 meters. Es Coll Baix is surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks and has a mixture of fine sand and pebbles. Unlike Es Caragol, Es Coll Baix has a milky turquoise shade and deepens easily on the shore making it a perfect place for anchoring near the coast.

Cala Varques
Now, the usual activity and staccato of different people around you might bring in all the stress of the day with you. That’s why if you want to be away the bustle of tourist and have some quiet place in the best beaches in Mallorca, try Cala Varques with its fine white sand, crystal clear water and deep seas perfect for diving. A picture perfect beach, Cala Varques also offers you a nice cave to explore through which is part of its charm. Just about 12 km of Porto Cristo, Cala Varques remains unspoiled, quiet and charming visited only by those who want a real sense of peace and satisfaction from the usual bustle of tourist beach attraction.

Es Carbo Beach
Spreading from Cala Delfi up to Punta de Na Tianeta in the shape of an “S”, Es Carbo Beach offers an alternative destination for tourist when Es Trenc beach is overcrowded which is just the other side of Col√≥nia de Sant Jordi. The beach is quiet and wonderful in its own way. Having the flower Lliris de Mar or the Sea Daffodils included in the Balearic Catalogue of threatened plant species makes the beach one of the minority places where the bloom can be found.