Basic Travel and Vacation Safety Tips

Traveling far away needn’t be worrisome, just follow these simple tips for staying safe on your next vacation or trip:

Do Your Research

One of the most important things you can do before a trip is to do your research. Research your hotels carefully, read the many available reviews to make sure the area in which you are staying is safe. Get all the best guide books for your destination and make sure they are the most recent versions. The latest guidebooks will help you decide where to go and what to do, and also give you specific safety tips for that particular area. Get maps for each area you will travel around in, so you don’t get lost. Visit hotel websites and tour websites. Don’t hesitate to contact the hotel before booking, should have a question. and Best Finger-Licking BBQ

Hotel Safety

If you’re hotel provides a safe, make sure to use it for any valuables you may have in your room. Take a note of where the exits and fire alarms are on your floor. When checking in to your hotel, don’t leave your luggage unattended at any time. Consider registering with only your first initial and last name or as Mr. and Mrs. so that one cannot tell whether you are a male or a female or are a female traveling alone. Be sure to memorize the hotel address and name or to carry a hotel matchbook or notepaper with you at all times to avoid confusion with similar hotel names. Try to avoid rooms on the ground floor of a hotel as they may have doors or windows that are open to the street or a back alley, increasing the chances of a break-in during your stay. Guest rooms that are closer to the elevator are safest due to the higher amount of traffic passing by. However, these rooms may tend to be noisy, so consider a room that is one room away from the elevator as an alternative. Consider leaving your television and a light on when you leave the room, so a would be burglar would think someone is in the room. Purchase a safety appliance such as the SwissTech BodyGard which has a hotel motion safety alarm option, where you can attach the alarm to your door and if someone tries to open it, the tool emits a loud noise.

Health Safety

Make sure you get any needed shots or vaccinations before your trip. Bring along a basic, compact first aid kit. Bring or rent a cell phone and make sure you are able to use it in the area where you are staying. Make sure to learn the basic emergency numbers for your area. Make sure you bring any necessary prescription medications with you and keep them in their original container, clearly marked. Get travel insurance that covers any health problems or accidents you should have. Avoid drinking local water out of a tap, instead opt for bottled water.

Financial Safety

Avoid carrying a purse or wallet. Consider using a concealable waist or wrist belt to carry your passport, credit cards and money. Avoid wearing expensive looking clothing or jewelry, these items can make you a target. Consider taking just two or three credit cards only, instead of a stack. Consider traveler’s checks instead of credit cards. Only exchange money at reputable agencies and banks. Take a note of the credit card company phone numbers and keep them in a separate place on you. This way, if your credit cards are lost or stolen, you can call the credit card company right away.